The acceleration of Africa’s digital development needs disruptive smart approach to the continents economic landscape.

As an independent body, the core of our activities include creating exciting valued services for our members’ using the platform for promotion and creating awareness’ on opportunities, connecting members, organizing events, enable members access new viable financing, reduce members’ travels to the minimum as we facilitate most of the legwork in support of low carbon travel and global climate change initiative.

The digital hype in Africa is growing at a fast pace and requires leadership for creating sustainable roadmaps and implementation; as most government agencies and businesses still have challenges on digital implementations, difficulties on which technologies to adopt and how to secure financing. Our activities include:

  • Setup of digital-deal connection between high-level policymakers, NGOs, industry, the private sectors, global investors’, startups, entrepreneurship academy and innovation hubs.
  • Provide an annual forecast and impact assessments of the African digital-space per sector and per region.
  • Setup of a TRUST AUTHORITY digital platform to facilitate transparent business exchanges between members (African startups, companies/organizations, EU & World).
  • Organize yearly events, exhibitions & awards for best performing regions per tech-cluster, pitching & invest competition.
  • Set-up business meet for B2B/Investors/Entrepreneurs’ and financing advice.
  • Promotion of members’ competences, products and services within our network.
  • Enabling members’ to dialogue, post valued contents and share experiences in real-time using our platform Twitter ## tag.
  • Enable members join and interact with any of the Tech-Clusters (Fintech, InsurTech, ReguTech, MineTech, TourTech, EnergyTech, eHealth AgricTech …etc.) and Forums: Women in Tech forum, Academia forum, Start-up ecosystem forum, Entrepreneurial academy forum, Innovation hubs ecosystem forum).
  • Enable members’ access yearly scheduled and past events organized by members and non-members.
  • Members can organize or schedule event through the platform, find speakers, sponsors and advertise events through our platform.
  • Allow members’ access database of speakers’ for various types of events’ organizations.
  • Non-members’ can access our database of speakers’, sponsors for various types of events’ organization for a subscribed fee.
  • Speakers can find event roles and respond to speakership roles on demand.
  • Provide quarterly digital-tech reviews per economic sectors and the network sub-tech-groups and fostering members’ partnership with global stakeholders’.
  • Organizing quarterly Tech-talks and insights on the African digital trend roadmap and opportunities.
  • Encourage digital applications & tech topics publications by members.
  • Provide news on the Africa digital-space using our platform twitter ## tag.


Digital technologies have the ability to rapidly change the African workplace and business environments, opening up new opportunities. ADL-iNNET will setup events to evaluate the impact of digital disruptions on businesses, existing regulatory frameworks and the society. ADL-iNNET events will continually provide cutting-edge insights on the nature, causes and effects of the African digital evolution with incoming trends and strategies of implementing new solutions; as challenges and opportunities impacts society and the business space.       ADL-iNNET forum will provide performance analyses on the African digital-landscape per region. We shall assess readiness for scaling of solutions and promote new initiatives for policy changes benchmarking on global best practices coupled with African strategy to establish a solid digital roadmap.

The African societal values will have impact on how digitalization across Africa is implemented, depending on the sector and region. To close this digital divide, ADL-iNNET recommend the creation of an ecosystem of Pan-African Digital Innovation Hubs, University digital forums and Secondary school digital forums as a key strategic priority to support transparency of viable tech exchanges, trade and services relevant for seamless delivery of socio-economic services and products between different African regions. These will enable the industry, governments and the startups grasp the benefits of digital opportunities. The Innovation Hubs could act as the one-stop-hub where government, and as well as businesses, SMEs, startups can have access to facilities to define & test technologies, access financing, advice, market intelligence and networking opportunities.