Fostering digital Leadership, Exponential Innovation and Living lab to unlock African Tech Unicorn

As an independent and private body, we draw upon real-world & living lab experience to inspire effective Leadership, sustainability, and exponential innovation. The core of our leadership activities includes:

  • Empowering a blended African innovation-space and making sure every sector is growing in equal proportion with others.
  • Facilitating leadership programs, helping members implement cutting edge digital transformation journey.
  • Provides quality consulting professional services on digital transformation and how to leverage a distinct comparative advantage.
  • Facilitates forecast and impact assessments of the African digital-space per sector, per region and per country.

Initiating deals, Hi-Tech Collaborations’, Co-investments, and industry 4.0

We build bridges between African Tech ecosystems with African & global businesses, Institutions and international organizations’. Other benefits are:

  • We initiate deals, intelligent networking, awareness’ on business opportunities, re-industrialization, tech exports via co-investments driven via tech partnerships.
  • Fosters B2B meeting between Investors, Entrepreneurs’, SMEs, and offer financing advice.
  • Connecting African digital champions & startups with businesses, policymakers, R&D community, Institutions, Universities, and organizations’ both in Africa and globally.
  • Promote smart manufacturing, automation, and industry 4.0 initiatives.
  • Fast-track trustful joint investments through collaborations between local tech champions and global businesses seeking strategic local partners for services expansion into Africa;
  • Fostering new financing instruments through R&D grants e.g. EU, UN, AU etc.

We connect cluster Members’, stakeholders’ ecosystem and create digital directories.

  • Fosters seamless networking via virtual & live connect on our Pan African Tech clusters’ platform, we facilitate trustful B2B2G relations, as well as online instant interactive B2B marketplace.
  • We foster low carbon footprint on the environment in support of global climate change initiative.
  • Promotion of products/services of both the African and global tech members, especially encouraging short-cut to African markets and as well as tech exports for African tech champions.
  • Creating and mapping database of innovation competence demand & supply initiated by both the African and global tech members on our platform.
  • Digital directories of Pan African Innovation hubs, Specialized Tech clusters ecosystem, Out-sourcing software developers’ community and pan-African digital events & their associated organizers’

Empowering technology transfer between African digital champions and the world

  • Optimizing knowledge sharing, and exchanges via trans-regional collaborations between innovation hubs, startups ecosystems and entrepreneurs’ within Africa and the world.
  • Fostering specialization of African adapted products and services and re-industrialization.
  • Provides an environment that allows members search for partners with the required competence and technologies, know-how and value-chain stakeholders via our Pan-African tech cluster platform.
  • Advises members throughout the partnership process, from the identification of needs to the whole implementation.
  • Provides database of innovation demand & supply published by members from Africa and the world, stating required level of tech maturity and respective sectors.

Organization of Events, Tech-Insights and Promotion of Products & services

  • We organize annual conferences, summit and, exhibitions, and promoting “ADL-INNET Digital Masters Award” for best performing regions per tech-cluster, pitching & invest competition.
  • Organize weekly, monthly, and yearly events & webinars, strategic pitching & invest competition.
  • Enable members’ access yearly scheduled and past events organized by members.
  • Members can organize or schedule event through the platform, find speakers, sponsors and advertise events through our platform.
  • Facilitates Tech-talks and insights on the African digital trend roadmaps, opportunities, and foster digital & tech topics publications by members.
  • Promotion of members’ competences, products and services within our network.
  • Spread the news on break-through innovations on using our platform and social media links.