Our professional services fosters game-changing strategies based on proven disruptive & exponential methodologies for capitalizing on technology innovations and their future impact. We  transform the traditional value chain business environments by opening up new opportunities.

Most government agencies and businesses in Africa are new to digital transformation initiatives and have challenges on digital implementations; difficulties persists on which technologies to adopt.

We harness  smart innovation to drive new efficient government processes, and help startups and businesses to crystallize technovation awareness into actionable market propositions and insights to drive competitive advantages.

Catalyst of disruptive leadership and innovation

High quality impact advisory services.

Help members with strategies to disrupt their businesse sectors and leverage a distinct comparative advantage.

Putting R&D initiatives in the spotlight by linking startups, entrepreneurs, and policymakers with the R&D community.

Awareness on impact of African multi-cultural landscape on products& services.

Foster cutting-edge insights of turning challenges into opportunities & solutions scaling

 Cutting-Edge Strategic Consulting Services

Facilitate forecast of the African digital-space and ease of doing business.

Facilitate funding options, e.g. Crowdfunding, R&D programme opportunities and private investor’s financing.

Fast-track Patent coaching and IP management strategies.