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The African Courier

Cologne’s film festival focuses on digitalisation in African cinema.

Quartz Africa

covid 19 is changing the way africa thinks of digital innovation.

The Agility Effect

five urban hubs at the heart of africas digital transformation.

Portulans Institute

africas digital economy opportunities and obstacles during covid 19.

International Telecommunication Union

Digital trends in Africa 2021.

OECD iLibrary

Africa’s Development Dynamics 2021 : Digital Transformation for Quality Jobs.


The International Food Policy Research Institute

byte-byte policy innovation transforming africas food system digital technologies.

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Digital Government Transformation

Explore the latest digital government transformation trends, tips, and best practices.

The Observatory for Public Sector Innovation

Towards a future-fit public sector.

The how channel- Publicis Sapient

The pace of digital business transformation is increasing rapidly. How will industries respond in the coming year?

Design Indaba

Creativity and ingenuity in technology is driving a new generation of African innovators.


An exciting Pan-African “One-Stop-Digital-ARENA” and non-profit organization fostering digital Leadership, Open Innovation, Circular economy, Exponential organization, and real-world thematic sectoral-based communities’ experiences to inspire sustainability of key economic sectors and effective policies towards the African exponential digital landscape transformation.

A frontier for disruptive innovation, deal-initiation, unrivaled innovation-insight, forecast, co-investments, industry 4.0, and seamless collaboration within the African innovation ecosystem and the world, via a Pan-African Hyper-Cluster-Users' Centred platform that virtually connects Industry, start-ups’,  innovation hubs, tech labs, policy-makers, academia, government, investors, and the global business community for direct engagements.  LEARN MORE

What we do and how

Fostering digital Leadership, Circular-Living lab and Exponential Innovation to unlock African Tech Unicorns & key economic sectors....

We are passionate about smart business approaches for shaping key economic sectors on digital transformation, through acceleration of digital leadership, circular economy, living lab and exponential organization for unlocking prosperous impact on the continent’s socio-economic landscape by fostering future unicorns in the tech ecosystem and enhancing  sustainability of the African digital economy.: LEARN MORE

 Initiating deals, Hi-Tech Collaborations', Co-investments, and Re-industrialization

We initiate deals, opportunities, empowering applications exponential innovation, promoting industry 4.0, tech exports via collaborations', investments and maximizing values for our members’ by linking African digital champions & startups with businesses, policymakers, investors, R&D community, Institutions and organizations’ both in Africa and globally...…..: LEARN MORE

We foster both live and virtual connect between stakeholders' in Hi-Tech Ecosystem and create digital directories.

We facilitate trustful B2B2G instant interactive cluster-centred ecosystem, through a virtual & live connect via a Pan African Hi-Tech cluster-collaboration platform, fostering knowledge exchange, products/services promotions, mapping innovation competence demand & supply.

We setup digital directories of members' in our cluster-centred marketplace, Pan African Innovation labs & hubs, Out-sourcing software developers', freelancers' community, start-ups, industry, NGOs, and pan-African digital events & their associated organizers’.

We enable networking, and organize events, weekly & monthly webinars, annual conferences, summits and workshops. We reduce members’ travels via our virtual conferencing/exhibition media to enable low carbon travel in support of global climate change initiative. …..LEARN MORE

Our Business Digital Geo-Directories

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The premier Pan-African digital forum network, fostering digital leadership, trustful members, productive dialogue and collaboration between digital innovators & stakeholders’ within African continent and the world; delivering new solutions for solving continent’s issues and impacting other region. 


We create access to equipoised forecast statistics on African digital space,  impact index and economy. Fostering evidence based guidance for innovators, start-ups, industry, researchers, investors, sponsors  and policymakers to boost sound policies, best practices and development.


Our mission is a frontier for deal-initiation, co-investments, and new funding models. Inspire digital mind-set empowering African digital economy, creating opportunities to scale and leverage tech-transfer across-borders, grow local entrepreneurs' and creating link with global businesses & investments.


Our mission valued benefits and guided digital roadmap fosters evidenced based testimonials from our members, and re-positioning Africa for digitally-driven industrial evolution and investments.



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