• ADL-INNET offers businesses the possibility to access the largest digital network in Africa, and everything you need to know about the African business today and in the future.
  • Access a network comprising of African and global ICT turnkey innovators and digital champions’, bringing together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology from more than 100,000 leading companies, startups and innovators with a highly-rated conferences comprising of todays and futuristic visionaries to explore the hottest topics influencing African digital economy.
  • Access digital leadership programmes and trainings on how to implement your business digital transformation journey and take advantage of ADL-iNNET digital transformation implementation professional services.
  • The network fosters new trusted partnerships, exceptional networking, collaborations, improve products and services to optimize your market reach, enter new markets in Africa, increase productivity, reduce costs, attract more customers, improve customer experience, enhance and scale sells.
  • Offers possibility to join any of the ADL-iNNET working groups (forums & clusters), attend weekly and monthly outstanding webinars representing products and services from African digital champions and leading global technology companies, access events (both weekly, monthly and annually), attend conferences at a % discount rate, and access opportunities.
  • Access latest news on the digital market landscape in Africa and as well as news on new government regulations, policies and connect with key decision-makers at workshops, seminar, webinars, summit, and promising conferences.
  • Expand your business and professional network, and participate at live and virtual exhibitions using the network “virtway”, avirtual conference and exhibition media tool used for promoting reduced long distance & low carbon travel in support of the global climate change initiative.
  • Empowers your business through exceptional networking with Members community from Pan-African countries and globally, including senior-level executives.
  Global Businesses – added benefits
  In addition to the business benefits stated above, ADL-INNET provides other unique benefits as:

  • Meet companies, startups, software outsourcing developers, and innovators in Africa, exchange knowledge, collaborate and work on common projects and access valuable information unique to Africa.
  • Provides opportunity to meet African policymakers and acquire information on the local regulatory and political landscape.
  • Access business opportunities through attendance to ADL-iNNET working group forums and clusters, meet with potential clients, business partners, authorities, and other relevant organizations with common interests.
  • Network, meet and know the right people in the African digital space, enhance business visibility, find new interesting business opportunities, identifying the right local skills, partners and competences for scaling up your business in Africa.