Kenneth IZOMOH


Africa & Luxembourg

Kenneth Izomoh


Mr. Kenneth Izomoh is a digital strategist, an ExO advisor, and an expert in digital transformation, leadership, exponential strategy and innovation with extensive experience in innovation architecture solutions development, business and market positioning. He is an astute entrepreneur and has more than 22 years’ experience in ICT innovation & industry. He has consulted more than 20 EU H2020 ICT development projects for Europe and Africa; and managed business developments related activities in cloud platforms for many economic sectors namely e-health, e-tourism, e-agriculture, oil-&-gas, e-energy, Environment, Circular Economy, smart mobility & insurance, enterprise solutions, e-commerce, factories of the future, and smart manufacturing under industry 4.0 enterprise initiatives. Over the years, Mr. Izomoh served in high profile ICT consulting companies helping clients to achieve exponential growth, offer advisory support to innovation hubs, senior executives, and supporting conceptualization of innovation products’ & designs, value chain optimization schemes, and innovation studies for a number of private and public clients. He also acted in the past as an event manager related to the dissemination & continental networking of stakeholders’ in view of turnkey ICT programmes and entrepreneurships related to EU and Africa joint collaborations..


Laura KASK

CEO, Legal Expert, Keynote Speaker

Proud Engineers,


Laura KASK

Ms. Laura Kask is the CEO of Proud Engineers in Estonia. Proud engineers is a digitalisation consulting firm that helps governments and global companies build digital societies – and continues to set the gold standard in their areas of expertise. She enjoys working with smart, forward-looking and witty people. Especially, those who are able to ask the difficult questions and are not afraid of finding out the answers, too. Previously, she worked as Chief Legal Officer for the CIO of the Estonian Government and oversaw the legislative framework of the Estonian information society. While working for the government, she was involved in many innovative projects such as digital continuity and the world’s first data embassy. Beyond this, she was responsible for implementing the main EU level legislations (e-authentication, electronic signature, cybersecurity) into the Estonian legislative framework. “If you are hungry for digital transformation and think our team of eID, data exchange, policy and legal experts might be a good fit, I’d love to talk to you!” .


Simone Smith-Godfrey

Maritime Specialist 

SAIMI, South Africa

Simone Smith-Godfrey

Simone Smith-Godfrey is a Maritime Specialist, and a Blue Economy scholar. Her career in the maritime industry started off in the corporate sector where she worked on various legs of the maritime value chain before she entered the research sector, providing her with a unique perspective that are reflected in her publications. She has authored several research publications in the maritime industry ranging from Piracy, Cabotage and Drones in Ports. Her published works in the Blue Economy includes a definition, incorporation of 4IR technologies, marine spatial planning, performance indicators for societal value and the sustainability of the Blue Economy. She is currently with the South African International Maritime Institute focusing on various aspects of ports from ownership models to institutionalization and smart ports. She further also applies herself on researching various aspects of the Blue Economy that includes the investment value of Think Tanks in the Blue Economy, the institutionalization of the Blue Economy, the role of financial institutions and the development of policy frameworks for the Blue Economy. As technology is integral to all her research, she complements all her research with insights into technological advances..



Managing Director,

Cybersecurity Trainer and Consultant

eduCYBER Sàrl, Switzerland


Kamal Sedra is the Managing Director of eduCYBER Sàrl, a Swiss cybersecurity training and consultancy. With a prominent career spanning over 20 years in cybersecurity awareness, online freedoms globally and the right to privacy, His expertise and passion have led him to work in over 30 countries, where he has enriched organizations with enhanced digital safety protocols and cybersecurity awareness. Collaborating with prestigious institutions, such as the World Bank, International Organization for Migration (UN Migration), Catholic Relief Services, Global Journalist Security, InterNews, and Transparency International, Kamal's multifaceted insights and training have played a major part in empowering entities with robust cybersecurity defenses. ).



AI and DATA policy advisor

TENTICL company



Maha Jouini is an AI and DATA policy advisor for TENTICL company in Africa , UNDP Business Mentor in Arab region states . She is Founder of African Center for AI and Digital Technology, is a pan African Think tank interested in supporting AI policies on the African continent and conducting research on digital transformation impact and challenges in Africa'' ).

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